Moomin's rebirth into the world of e-commerce

Helping to recreate one of Finland's and the world's greatest brands for generations to come.


One of the world's most beloved brands

Moomin is one of the world’s most beloved brands. However, in the digital world, the brand was almost nonexistent. It was Motley’s pleasure to make a change to this - to be exact, raising 200 visitors a day to nearly 3000 unique visitors world-wide every day.

Moomin Characters’ job is to uphold Tove’s legacy. That doesn’t mean guarding or restricting the Moomin brand, it means that in every generation we try to work with the best talent there is - Motley Agency’s founders and employees are exactly that

Sophia Jansson, Chairman of the Board, Moomin Characters Ltd

"It should feel exactly like a visit to the Moomin Valley"

The Moomins are a brand with an exceptional distinctive identity. Bringing Tove Jansson's world and vision to life in a digital format was one of the building blocks for the project. We knew that the Moomin experience is more than just the surface-level of fonts, colours and pictures. We wanted the digital Moomin experience to include all the things that make the Moomins so special: Happiness, grief, a few drops of whiskey, amazing adventures, the mysteries that nighttime brings, the harshness of winter and of course lots of love. With this in mind we wanted to make the surface match this distinctive identity: The digital Moomin experience should feel exactly like a visit to the Moomin Valley.

Offering a complete Moomin experience for fans around the world

The new recreates a digital world that is worthy of such a highly valued international brand. It recreates a coherent and global Moomin experience, available to all, through all of The Moomins' official channels and across all devices. It shows a vast and visually rich digital presence full of interesting content, offering fans all around the world a complete Moomin experience. It is a meeting place, where Tove Jansson's Moomins come to life. It is a seamlessly integrated web commerce solution that feels like an exclusive boutique in the Moomin Valley instead of a boring old warehouse. This included breathing new life in all of the Moomins' official social media channels with a new visual style and high-quality content.

Continuing the success story for generations to come

The project was both a dream and a nightmare for us. The Moomins are so passionately loved that we knew a wrong decisions would lead to disaster. However, the throng of fans that flocked to the new and social media channels showed that we did a good job. • went from 200 visitors a day to almost 3000 unique visitors every day • The webstore has shipped products to almost all EU countries and Japan • The number of Facebook fans has grown from 12500 to 42500 and continues to grow by 300 every day • The number of Twitter followers has grown from 300 to 2500 • The new Tumblr blog has quickly gained over 900 followers It was our pleasure to be part of The Moomin success story and to help recreate one of Finland's and the world's greatest brands for generations to come.

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