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Helping the biggest convention center in Finland to provide their guests online experiences

Messukeskus was facing a challenge. Their business model is based on gathering thousands of people into one single physical location, so during Covid times, they had to come up with new way of organizing fairs. We helped Messukeskus to transform their events into digital experiences.

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Creating a smooth visit for the digital event guests

From the get-go, our cooperation’s main goal was to make the event guest’s experience as smooth as possible. Our work started with designing a user flow into their existing website and continued with creating virtual stages on their WordPress-based site. The solution allowed the event guests to visit live streams, see the program and watch recorded streams from the archive.

Messukeskus sells tickets to digital events just like with live ones so integrating Messukeskus’s ticket shop played a key role in the project. With any digital events, the organizer needs to make sure only the people with valid tickets are admissible and that the live streams work fluently.

“This project was not only about developing high-performing technical solutions: it was also about creating new business to Messukeskus and inspiring experiences for our customers.”

Jere Taussi, Digital Specialist, Messukeskus

After the first events, we developed the solution further: by adding a chat function, customers, both registered and anonymous could ask direct questions from the companies present in the events and would in turn receive answers quickly.

For the exhibitors, the feedback and questions from their audience and meeting their customer is highly important, especially during Covid times where a lot of their sales are done online. The technical solution is budget-friendly, easy-to-use and integrated into the original WordPress Site.


“I especially appreciated Motley’s attitude during our cooperation. It felt like we were truly working as one team and all our questions got answered right away.”

Jere Taussi, Digital Specialist, Messukeskus

Messukeskus program being filmed

Future exhibitions combine digital and physical encounters

Our solution gives Messukeskus the possibility to have some of the future exhibition programs online and to add a digital side to physical events. Digital experiences cannot replace live events – and why should they? People long for F2F interaction and Messukeskus’s famous Kirjamessut, I love me and other exhibitions will return live as soon as the global pandemic situation allows. But in the meanwhile, digital events bring customers remote entertainment and inspiration and new business to Messukeskus.

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