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Where passion meets design

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Riding their own wave in a sea of Scandinavian design

A design brand and retailer, Skanno finds itself in a highly competitive market where e-commerce giants have started a revolution through new ways of buying and reaching design enthusiasts. Throughout its over 60-year history, the brand has been through a lot. But like always, some things never change: Quality. Passion. Innovation. Courage. These are the things we wanted to communicate in the new identity, particularly honing in on what passion means for Skanno.

A Skanno magazine.

Skanno’s identity encompasses its passion and regard for form, which has been under curation since 1946. Passion translates to everything Skanno does and stands for, from how its employees approach their work to the products they sell.

On a passion quest

Moulding Skanno into something new, meant helping the brand/company identify its purpose in the world. As a rebel of design in Scandinavia, Skanno has always stood against the mainstream minimalist and restrained design language.

Skanno is not for everyone. The freedom of forms and shapes, exciting materials and playful colours are for those looking for something different. Skanno speaks to people who are passionate about the joys of life, inviting passion and design into their homes.

A Skanno poster.
People in a café with a Skanno poster in the background.
Skanno magazine.

Along with the brand renewal we produced a print magazine for Skanno, bringing the brand alive in a physical form. In a world of disposable everything, articulating the value and meaning of Skanno through something tangible creates a deeper connection with those searching for something lasting for their home.

Business cards.