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Every dog has its day and with Alvar Pet it’s every day. We created a new web service for them.

Alvar Pet offers their customers (and their owners) high-quality, tailored kibbles with a reduced carbon pawprint.

We designed and created a holistic web service renewal project and designed an easy-to-use and high-performing website for Alvar Pet. The results speak for themselves: conversions went up to 3,7%, 10.000 canine customers get their food from the company and the human customers rate the service 4.6 out of 5.


Lassies, Fidos, and Spots – all welcome

Alvar Pet tailors the food package size and chooses doge friends the right product based on the information the owner provides them and sends a sample tasting packet. If the customer and their dog are happy with the food, Alvar Pet then delivers the dog food parcels to their customer’s door

Improving the amount of tasting package testers converting into subscribers was one of our main goals. Before, a lot of potential customers were lost in this phase. Our focus was to strenghten the relationship and trust between the customer and Alvar Pet from the get-go. We also wanted to make sure the current customers stay happy which is why we made tracking and changing customer orders easier. The customer page was redesigned so that updating customer information, changing recipes, flexible deliveries and adding more pets into your subscription would be easier.

Helping owners in making better nutrition decisions for their beloved pets

Even though Alvar Pet wants to share large amounts of information, they didn’t want it to interfere with the user experience. Therefore, we paid special attention to progressive user interface and placing information into relevant locations.

One important part of the customer site is the place where people can share their experiences: if your dog happens to suffer from an ailment, peer support can be very helpful.

New web service supporting the positive customer experience

The new service’s user interface has a visual look that fits with the already existing brand and identity. Everything in the webpage advances the customer’s journey into becoming a subscriber. The customer moves smoothly from one section into the next and they only see the information they need in each part. The will to build trust and confidence with the customer was one of our design guidelines we kept in mind all along. The service’s transparency and a clear user experience help to build a positive customer experience.

In the end, the true users of the service are dogs. We kept their best and perspective in mind throughout the whole design process and dogs are highly visible everywhere in the service. This way we remember, who we work for.

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