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Helping the “Impossible things made easy” company make their story just as easy

Haltian has come a long way growing from a R&D-driven product development startup into a product company and a global IoT player, nowadays offering customers both connected product design and development services as well as large-scale IoT solutions through their own platform.

Until now, Haltian’s IoT solutions projects have been planned and delivered more or less project-by-project. With the business constantly growing, Haltian needs to standardise the offering and the way of selling and delivering the services.

Turning a complex idea into a buyable service

As a first step, we worked to producitize one individual part of the offering – in this case, the Smart Washroom concept for connected public restrooms. “Productizing” is a fancy word for taking an abstract offering, figuring out what different customer types really want, and packaging it in a way that they understand the value they get. The idea is to make it more scalable and to bring together the customer experience along the entire journey.

Some of the things the new site does well:

  • Creating easier user journeys, helping the visitors to recognize their own needs and move on to the most relevant content
  • Lifting up success cases and customer testimonials
  • Highlighting real value, return on investment, and real-life impact you can get by using Haltian’s services

United we stand

The two main business areas, Product Design & IoT, each had its own individual digital presence online. There may have been good reasons for it early on, but nowadays this kind of fragmentation is madness, The next challenge was to bring the two together under one main domain. This needed a “big picture” that communicates Haltian’s value propositions to different target audiences, and it needed careful mapping of the best-performing content from the previous sites to ensure continuity after unification. With these in place, we were then ready to design and develop the new haltian.com.

Built to last

Plus, the site is built to be future-proof in a lot of ways. It’s easily scalable when new business areas are created, it can be adapted to lots of different types of content, and most importantly it’s easy for the marketing and communications team to update – on their own, without a developer needing to be involved.



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