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Circular economy on wheels

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Bridging the gap between brand and business

It goes without saying that brand and business shouldn’t be seen as separate entities.

Lassila & Tikanoja took this strategic approach to heart, concluding that its brand needed to go where its business was headed.

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Something’s got to give

To design the narrative and tools for bringing the two together, we began by looking at the environment in and around which L&T operates: the over-reliance on non-renewable energy and certain raw materials means we’ll soon have to extract from somewhere else. Something fundamental must change and L&T can be at the heart of it.

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Brand as strategy

The new brand story and vision are bold for a waste management company, but crucial in re-evaluating the core of what L&T does. It moves the world from a consumer economy into a circular one.

Following the launch of the new strategy, we began implementing it through internal and external communications. The redesigned brand identity reflects the company’s redefined position in society and at the same time makes L&T stand out from the competition.

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Much of the real-world value that L&T creates is communicated through numbers and statistics. Most people aren’t emotionally moved by numbers and statistics, so we created interesting and inspiring graphical stories to reflect the company’s good work. We also designed the headquarter’s ground floor, featuring recycled furniture and walls painted with the company vision.

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The value of digitising

We also helped innovate L&T’s business infrastructure. Through custom solutions that amplify the impact of the new strategy, we designed easy to use interfaces increasing energy, material and cost efficiency, as well as making everyday work smoother.

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Since the launch of the new strategy in September 2012, L&T’s share price has increased by 70%.


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Making clean energy the new norm


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