Making clean energy the new norm


Making clean energy the new norm

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A new brand and website design for a renewable energy pioneer

Ilmatar finances the development and operation of wind farms. The company had set out to revise its business model and begin selling renewable wind energy to consumers.

Ilmatar identity elements.

Navigating a crowded market

As a new player, relying solely on a competing product won’t challenge established energy companies. Nor will it convince price-sensitive consumers to switch utility companies.
Ilmatar’s brand is its trump card – its means for positioning and mobilising the masses to tackle the most pressing issue of our time by switching to renewable energy.

Ilmatar identity elements.

A clean slate

As Ilmatar was used to operating in the B2B market, its brand was far from consumer-friendly. This gave us the freedom to experiment with bold visual lines and messaging.

Ilmatar’s cause is an inherently positive one. Like its business, its new brand stands for a move toward something better.

A purposeful identity

The visual identity draws heavily from Ilmatar’s redefined purpose: making clean energy the new norm. There is no main brand colour and instead, the diverse colour palette forms a base for ever-changing expression.

The revised logotype, emblem and contemporary typography remain the unifying elements tying all communications together. However, in keeping with a de-branding approach, these elements are not the focal point of the brand.

Ilmatar identity elements.
Outdoor ad.

Developing the experience

Following the identity, we began working on the first touchpoint of the new brand, Creating user-friendly and flexible components helped in developing a single site to serve both businesses and consumers, while also giving Ilmatar the freedom to easily upload content and tweak the look and feel without breaking guidelines.

Seeing is believing

While exploring the idea of making renewable energy tangible, we created a real-time data visualisation of energy being generated by Ilmatar’s wind turbines. The interactive visualisation depicts the force of wind and the direction in which its blowing, as well as the amount of energy being produced.

Mobile view of the Ilmatar website.
Screen captures from the Ilmatar website.