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We helped Nordic Beauty Inc. to redefine their purpose, design their brand identity and articulate their belief in true beauty. ‍

New Forms of Beauty

Brand and identity transformation for Nordic Beauty Inc that specialises in introducing trend-setting international beauty brands to the most discerning customers in the Nordic region and Europe. One product at a time, they bring the very best Nordic brands to the world.

We helped NBI to find those key messages they wanted to convey and to create an inspiring a brand story that reflects their values and engage their potential clients – and maybe even find new forms of beauty everywhere.

Brand Photography: Mickael Vis

Our approach to the visual identity was to emphasise Nordic simplicity and naturalism with a contemporary undertone. The visual system is defined by a restrained yet uplifting colour set, a Nordic humanist brand font, minimalistic layouts and the human-centric, calming yet confident brand photography style.

In addition to the logotype, we created a seal of approval “NBI” emblem which resembles a country of origin label. With this we wanted to emphasise the guaranteed Nordic quality of NBI.