Collaborative problem solving with customers


Collaborative problem solving with customers

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Designing the right solutions together, not just asking the right questions

Cramo, one of Finland’s largest construction equipment rental companies, puts together equipment and service plans for their clients, whose projects range from everyday apartment buildings to complex sites. Managing extensive construction projects with a vast amount of equipment and varying rental periods is a tough task even for the most proficient multitaskers.

Bird's view from a construction site.
Aerial view of a construction site.

Staying on top of the market with customer experience

Cramo’s competitive edge has always been its customer experience. As both the competitive landscape and customer needs change, Cramo needs to change as well in order to stay on top of the game. So we have to ask: what are the current customer pain-points? What would bring customers value?

Involving the actual customers

Why do canvases and post-it guesses when you can get the actual customers involved? We brought everyone around the same table and started working and ideating together. Motley’s team included a Business Developer as well as Service and UX Designers.

Cramo employee talking on the phone.

What we found out

Managing many different pieces of equipment over many different construction sites was an enormous challenge. The rental equipment a customer uses changes throughout different phases of a project, and with many pieces coming and going it really becomes a headache to keep track of everything. Customers didn’t have visibility of the rental process or what piece of equipment is arriving when.

”It has been great to be part of this process where we as customers are listened to from the very beginning. Already in a short period of time we’ve come up with some concrete development ideas.”

Cramo’s customer


Customer insight to support decision making

Outcomes of the project:

  • Set of ideas created in a workshop together with Cramo and its customers.
  • A design sprint to get the first prototypes into the hands of buyers and users.
  • A validation round with real customers to see how they use the service, what they’d find essential and what might be missing

As an outcome of this process, Cramo will develop an industry-first platform for equipment management, giving total transparency to usage, expenses, and efficiency. Since customers were closely involved, Cramo had the confidence to make a big decision regarding a platform that solves proven challenges.

“We got new perspectives on the problem areas and solving them from our customers. We now understand each other even better.”

Jani Kilkka, Cramo