What happens to the printing industry when everything's digital?

We're helping Grano transform their role in the digital-driven economy and find their path to future growth.

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Shaping Grano's digital transformation

When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, he probably had no clue of how successful it would be. And what would Gutenberg have thought about the current digital revolution, causing the printing business rapid decline? We will never know, but what we do know is how to transform and prepare the printing business’s for the digital age. Grano remains the market leader in the Finnish printing industry with a 150 million euro turnover, but there are challenges ahead for Grano in the form of digitalisation: Digital services are replacing printed ones; international companies are entering the Finnish market; customers purchasing behaviour is changing. Is this the end for Grano? We think not. Instead it forms an excellent starting point for shaping Grano’s digital transformation to ensure future growth and success.

Putting LEAN methods into use

Together we formed a new digital vision and created a strategy with two parallel streams. While the first stream dealt with efficiency, the second was about rethinking Grano's product-service offering. Digital transformation requires you to reorganise the way you work. At Grano, we introduced new leadership approaches, which included lean working methods, data-driven decision making and a constant focus on developing value for end-customers. Now, Grano builds, measures and learns - constantly developing and deploying new products and services, the lean way.

Finding Grano’s digital core

Together we evaluated Grano’s ongoing development projects. The new working methods enabled Grano to allocate and prioritise resources more effectively: focusing on projects that produce the most value for their customers, while reducing the number of projects that weren't critical at the time. This change in process has proven to be key in getting new products and services to market faster. In order to reposition Grano in the digital age we mapped a picture of Grano's digital ecosystem and offering. Based on this, we clarified customer groups and developed key digital products for them, and at the same time streamlined the sales process. By doing this we helped Grano take the first steps from a printing house to an agency that offers digital services with content at the core of their business – by creating, managing and publishing it. Ok, all of this is starting to sound like consulting jargon. To put it simply: The core of Grano’s business used to be printing. Now the core of the Grano’s business is content. While the print business is declining, the content market is constantly growing. Now, Grano designs, manages, produces and distributes content. Yes, it is content as a service, and not just Gutenberg’s piece of cake anymore.

Our tailored process

Reframing your strategy and new service development that focus on the end-user

  • Wider business trends
  • Underlying bussiness challenges
  • New services for growth
  • Company purpose
  • Long term perspective
  • Concrete strategy roadmap
  • End-user experience
  • End-user focused value proposition
  • Executive learning
  • Employee engagement
  • collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Service capabilities
  • news ways of working
  • Continuous learning organisation

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