Finding a new home where passion meets design

Setting Skanno apart from a sea of Scandinavian design through an evolutionary brand identity.

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On a quest for passion

Skanno, a design brand and retailer bringing international design furniture to Finnish homes, recognised they needed to act in order to boost competitiveness. Skanno finds itself in a highly competitive market, where e-commerce giants have started a revolution through new ways of buying and reaching design enthusiasts.

The quality of Skanno’s offering and services has gotten it through turbulent times, and with an over 60-year history, the brand has been through a lot. However, some things have never changed. These are the things we wanted to communicate in Skanno's new identity. Quality. Passion. Innovation. Courage. 

The identity communicates Skanno’s passion and regard for form, which has been under curation since 1946. Skanno's passion translates to everything the it does and stands for, from how its employees approach their work to the products they sell.

Scandinavian design and beyond

Creating a new meaning for Skanno, its employees and customers, meant helping the brand identify its purpose in the world.

Skanno is a rebel of design in Scandinavia, standing against the mainstream of a minimalistic and restrained design language.

What Skanno sells is not for everyone. The freedom of forms and shapes, exciting materials and playful colours is for those wanting to stand out.

Skanno speaks to people who want to express themselves in a way that isn't often seen in the country of Alvar Aalto and Artek.

It’s for people who are passionate about the joys of life. For those, inviting passion and design into their homes.

Along with the brand renewal we produced a physical magazine for Skanno, bringing the brand alive in a physical form. In a world of disposable everything, brining the meaning of Skanno to life through the physical sensation of touching quality paper creates a deeper connection with the people searching for something lasting.

With the help of its new visual identity, created to appeal to urban trendsetters in particular, Skanno hit record sales in every month during the fall of 2018.

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