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Accelerating Posti’s digital and cultural transformation.

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The challenge

Posti is facing the biggest business transformation Finland has ever seen. To remain a leader in the future, Posti needs to innovate new business, attract new talent and skillsets, and adopt new, more efficient ways of working. It needs to tell compelling stories about the company and its future. To drive and support this digital and cultural transformation, Posti Next was born.

An identity to represent a movement

As a brand, Posti has incredibly high awareness - which can be a strength and a vulnerability. “Posti is Posti” to millions of Finns, and they associate the brand with delivering mail - not with innovative digital services. We needed to take a step away from the main brand and work with something with less history, allowing more flexibility.

The Posti Next identity keeps within the same “brand world,” but pushes its limits by revealing new expressions of the future of the business. Posti Next became more than an identity - it became a mindset that unifies a community of forward thinkers and doers.

From business innovation to physical spaces

Posti Next became the story that ties together all the work driving digital and cultural transformation - from big ideas to the smallest details. As the facilitators of Posti Next, we

- designed and set up new ways of working to support business innovation, from validating concepts to everyday strategic leadership

- contributed to strategy work and new business development

- designed a new working space to enhance collaborative working

- organized internal and external events to strengthen the culture and spread the word

- created Posti Next gear for the employees to represent and celebrate the bright new future of Posti

- designed and launched a new Posti Next site to documented the journey

We created a movement together that is shaping the very core of Posti's business. Posti Next tells the story of Posti like never seen and heard before.

“Posti Next was born out of a need to define the company’s future in the digital economy. Posti Next introduces new ways of working, giving employees greater autonomy to explore, create, and innovate.”


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