Investing in a renewable future

Helen’s new nation-wide IOT service is a significant step in the company’s journey of moving towards renewable energy. 


Helping conceptualise, design and commercialise Kiinteistövahti

Helen’s newly launched Kiinteistövahti is a significant step in the company’s journey of moving towards renewable energy. 

A new nation-wide IOT service, Kiinteistövahti was developed in partnership with Motley. Our joint team took an idea on a sheet of paper, developed it into a line of code and now to a nation-wide service. 

A sensor–based digital service

Kiinteistövahti improves energy efficiency and optimises living conditions in residential buildings which utilize district heating as its primary heating source. The service provides recommendations for improving energy efficiency based on sensor data it collects in apartments.

Build, Measure, Learn

The service is an expression of Helen’s commitment to a better, more holistic understanding of their customer needs.  Through a build-measure-learn approach the team constantly iterated Kiinteistövahti and its features, from finding the correct sensor technologies to the plotting the productisation of the service for various audiences.

Currently live in over 2000 apartment buildings in Finland

Developed together with Helen’s partners, the finnish version of Kiinteistövahti is currently live in over 2000 apartment buildings and, so far, it improves the living conditions in over 50 000 apartments in Finland.  The average improvement in energy efficiency varies from 5 to 10% per apartment building.

2000 +

Residential buildings

50 000 +


5–10 %

Higher energy efficiency

Kiinteistövahti has already begun creating a significant environmental impact in Helsinki. In the months and years to come, it will continue to do so throughout the entire country.

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