Flipping the power on for new ways to use, save and sell energy

Motley and Helen have set up an agile team to innovate faster, create new business models, and build better products for customers.

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Transforming the energy market

Let’s face the fact: we are causing and facing climate change. At the same time, great minds have invented things like electric cars, smart home applications and renewable energy sources. All of these together with new digital technologies are changing the way we consume energy and where it comes from. Being one of Finland’s leading energy companies, Helen is determined to be at the forefront of transforming the energy market using emerging technologies.

"The expertise of Motley’s team becomes clear in the service-attitude required in a long-term partnership. Plans evolve and change - good energy remains."

Minna Näsman, Agility Manager at Helen

A platform for exploring emerging technologies together

Motley is working with Helen on innovating and creating new scalable businesses by exploring and utilising emerging technologies. We have set up an agile team dedicated to lean innovation and service development and built a pathway for realising ideas. Our goal is to discover, test and develop groundbreaking products and services for Helen’s customers. In the process, we’re helping Helen transform into a more agile company by adopting new ways of working throughout the organization.

Helping customers towards smarter energy consumption

How will customers experience the digital transformation of the energy industry? Not only are they getting better products and services but they also have the chance to take part in the change. One of the first examples of this was a concept called Lämpölupaus. With a simple digital solution, customers could help Helen balance the electric and district heating grid load during winter time with smarter energy consumption.

Key achievements


ways of working adopted by entire new product development business unit


with ample business models created, leading to progressive learning curve, pivots, several MVP launches and 1 nation-wide service launch


set up of over 3000 energy enthusiasts to co-create with and leverage new product development for upcoming energy markets


continuous integration and deployment infrastructure roll out to support company to work in an agile way

Our tailored process

Finding the right strategy by building, measuring, and learning - the LEAN way

  • LEAN principles in organization
  • LEAN process with key collaborators
  • Products to learn
  • Experiment to evolve
  • And go-to-market rapidly
  • Customer data
  • Behavioral data
  • Interaction data
  • Attitudinal data
  • Customer problems/needs/jobs
  • Radical product development
  • Transformative strategies that work for your organisation
  • Getting the strategy right
  • Effective ways of working in your organisation

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