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A visual renewal to embody change

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Brand transformation for a private asset management and investment company, Capman.

Modernising legacy

A leading private asset management and investment company in the Nordics, CapMan has built better organised, managed and more financially stable organisations for 3 decades. 

Through investments into unlisted business, real estate and infrastructure, CapMan builds value for the enrichment of society. This, the company’s new purpose, served as the foundation of the visual identity.

CapMan business cards.
CapMan brand elements.

Enriching society

To express the impact CapMan creates, we began imagining how its purpose could translate into a look and feel.

What emerged is a brave and bold visuality, something that sets CapMan apart from competitors. The result is warm and colourful, as well as elegant and contemporary. It’s a brand experience of a company that works largely behind the scenes to ensure society and business flourish hand-in-hand. 

CapMan brand elements.
Brand imagery.
CapMan brand elements.
CapMan posters.
Screen captures from the CapMan website.

“Motley managed to strike a balance between being true to CapMan’s core values and thinking outside the box. The brand presentation provides a fresh and approachable touch while still looking very reliable.”

Linda Tierala, Director, Communications & IR at Capman