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An engaging visual narrative and communication concept for Stockmann’s loyalty programme app.

In an environment where customers are overwhelmed by choices — where to shop, how to shop, what to shop — loyalty is more important than ever for retailers. As part of renewing its longstanding loyalty programme, Stockmann also saw an opportunity to redesign the mobile experience of the programme.

Unlocking loyalty through iconic elements

Based on the programme’s core feature of creating value for loyalty customers throughout their entire lives, we set out create a concept for an immersive, never-ending visual experience – “Kanssasi aina” (With You, Always) was born.

When bringing elements of the physical Stockmann experience into mobile, and communicating how the progression of time creates deeper relationships, we turned to the department store itself for inspiration. Illustrations of Stockmann’s clock (Stockan kello), its elevators and the long-winding staircases – all elements which themselves have stood the test of time – are translated into the application’s visual world.

Over 170,000 downloads

“Kanssasi aina” goes beyond the app and its visuality. In fact, it became the tagline for the programme’s marketing campaign. “Kanssasi aina” is a scheme composed of the loyalty program elements, bringing together the familiar visual language of Stockmann and its new approach to loyalty.

The app renewal ended up comprising of its visual design and illustrations, a marketing concept that included key messaging, a launch film and a brand guide for the visual language of the programme. The MyStockmann loyalty app was downloaded over 170 000 times during its launch month, and brought tens of thousands of new loyalty customers for Stockmann.