The real deal in real-time


The real deal in real-time

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Hullut Päivät is like no other sales event. As is its webshop.

Mobile view of the Hullut Päivät website.

Taking place twice a year, Hullut Päivät sees the most eager shoppers plan purchases a week in advance. Lines outside the department stores form well ahead of time, as the most committed plan their way to the best deals.

Our challenge was to recreate a similar experience online: to design a best-in-class flash sale site that stands up to high customer exceptions and traffic, as well as live offers and altering inventory status.

Mobile view of the Hullut Päivät website.
People walking towards a cashier at Stockmann.
The façade of a Stockmann store.

In the shoes of others

Having analysed sales sata, site analytics and customer studies, we created concepts that addressed the identified design issues, and headed to the department store to validate our hypothesis with customers.

Working together with Stockmann’s designers, we translated the Hullut Päivät sense of urgency to an online experience. We recreated the “real-time“ feeling of shopping through deals that go live at a certain time, live inventory status updates and notifications that products are running out.

2000 products added to carts during peak second

Hullut Päivät website.

The most successful Hullut Päivät webshop ever

The webshop performed incredibly well technically and commercially. Sales went up to new highs and the number of customer complaints was lower than before. The most desirable products come on sale at 7:00 – meaning the requirements for performance were huge, as enormous numbers of visitors land on the site at the same time. has proved to be reliable and scalable according to demand, with no downtime during the campaign.

The technical implementation was done by Reaktor and Stockmann IT. It’s a custom solution, built on react.js and node.js and running in a scalable Amazon AWS environment.
60,000+ orders in 5 days


  • 38% conversion rate during the first hour
  • 25% sales increase from the previous event
  • 5% of all add-to-carts made in the first 4 seconds
  • 360,000+ requests during peak minute
Hullut Päivät website.
Hands with sticky notes.
Screen captures from the Hullut Päivät website.