A new dawn for logistics


A new dawn for logistics

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Paving the way for cultural change

Posti is facing the biggest business transformation it has ever seen. To remain profitable as an organisation and credible in the eyes of consumers, Posti needs to innovate new business, attract new talent and adopt new ways of working. It needs to tell compelling stories about the future that’s in store. Posti Next was born as an initiative to drive and support the necessary transformation.

Posti Next logo
Posti Next brand elements.

Designing a movement

As a story that ties together the ongoing change, Posti Next encompasses everything from new business development to designing new workspaces. As facilitators of the movement, we:

  • set up new ways of working to better support innovation, from validating concepts to everyday strategic leadership
  • contributed to strategy work and new business development
  • designed a new office space to enhance collaboration
  • organised internal and external events to strengthen culture
  • designed a site and created content to document the Posti Next mission
  • desisted gear for employees to represent the bright future of Posti

Change through expression

As a brand, Posti has incredibly high awareness – which can be a strength and a vulnerability. “Posti is Posti” to millions of Finns, and they associate the brand with delivering mail – not with innovative digital services. We needed to step away from said perception and work toward something with less historical baggage.

The Posti Next identity keeps within the same “brand world,” but pushes its limits by revealing new expressions of the future of the business. Posti Next turned into much more than an identity – it became a mindset that unifies a community of forward thinkers and doers.

Posti Next brand elements.
Posti Next brand elements.
Posti Next brand elements.
Posti Next brand elements.
Posti Next employees.
Posti Next employees,