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A new brand and website is always more than just a look and a feel. Read why we rethought our identity.

2017-11-30 – 6 min read

If you haven’t noticed yet, Motley has undergone some changes. We have a new identity which includes a new logo and a domain we’ve wanted from the start., the new website that lead the identity change and resulted in a site that more accurately depicts who Motley is today. Motley is 40 people strong with sales of 4 million this year with a focus to grow more.

To understand more about the launch of we sat down with a few crew members internally to get a more rounded understanding of how the process went and what these changes mean for Motley.

First up is Motleys founder, Arto Martonen, with his perspective on the changes and what they mean for Motley going forward.   

It looks like Motley has undergone some changes and launched a new website, why these changes and why now?

"We’ve been growing a lot; we haven’t had the time to update our identity and services. Now was a good time. So it was more about an outdated brand.  

We wanted to update the brand because we are working with the top 3 companies in Finland and half of the top 10 companies. So we rethought the brand to reflect the level of our customers. That our brand shows an honest depiction of who we are as a company. Kobra Agency was a big help in getting our new identity done. Their help allowed us to focus on what was important."

Going forward, what does it mean for ?

"We want to grow steadily, hire the best people and go abroad which means bigger customers and new projects that inspire us.

We’re more focused, more professional and stronger than ever.

Besides strategy and design, we’ve upgraded our tech lab a lot. Now roughly 1/3rd of our people are working in tech. Still, we want to grow our technology competence to be bigger and better. We’re also focusing on brand development and graphic design. We hired Esa Hallanoro from Reaktor as our Creative Director and his responsibility is to lift our design and brand competence to be the best in the market. So we’re more serious but still fun to work with."

The new Identity also includes this Murmuration which is on the first page of What can you tell us about that, where did it come from?

"If you look closely, the murmuration is the broken down diamonds from our M logo.

The idea behind the murmuration is that we want to create those kinds of teams with our customers that can help them adapt to change. The markets and business development is faster than ever, and not all companies have the needed skills to develop future business. The idea is the new identity highlights that need. At the same time, we wanted to elevate ourselves to the next level, now was a good time to do it.

 Motley is now 8 years old, and since our start we have been testing and thinking about what we should do ‘when we grow up’ but in the last 2 years we’ve been able to learn and see patterns in what it is our customers really want and really need. We wanted to tell that story a bit better."

What can you tell us about some of the projects you’re currently working on?

"Currently, we are working with one of the biggest B2B companies in Finland to help reposition themselves to faster-growing markets, we’re helping them in many areas such as with their brand and communications development, creating a new identity and designing and developing their .com and other digital services. So, that’s super exciting. We’ve been continuing digital transformation work with many great companies such as Helen, Stockmann and Grano where the focus has shifted from creating the foundation to rapidly developing, validating and launching new things.

In E-Commerce we launched another international web-shop, this time for Aalto International. There are about 20 web-stores that Motley has designed and developed most being for international markets. The Omni-Commerce knowhow we’ve gained from working with major Finnish retail players has been taken to new industries such as telecom, there we’ve set an OmniGrowthHacking team that’s experiencing the omnimodels internally and externally.

Some great business strategy work, of course, is cooking and we’ve not forgotten startups. One B2B coaching/gaming startup with lots of potential is sharing our premise and we’ve set up a team together that does everything with lean startup principles. These are only some of the inspiring cases we’re currently working on." 

We also sat down with our technical lead on the project, developer Pete Nykänen, and designer, Johannes Pokkinen, to see what they had to say about the project. You can hear all about it in part two so stay tuned.  

If you’re interested in what we are doing and are thinking of joining the crew check out some of our open positions.

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Silva Ray McLaren

Silva Ray is the Coordinator at Motley

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