Head of Marketing

We’re looking for a Head of Marketing to help us share our insights and results with the world.

In solving complex business problems, we do tons of great work with really interesting companies. But we’re pretty preoccupied with it and our own marketing usually comes as a distant afterthought. That’s why we’re looking for a Head of Marketing to help us share our insights and results with the world.

The role is something we will shape together with the ideal candidate, but you can expect to (at least)

Create brand strategy, positioning, and communications platform for Motley

  • Build on our content strategy, content plans, and social media
  • Interview our employees and clients to feed into the content process
  • Execute! Create articles, blog posts, case studies, social media posts, videos, podcasts, you name it
  • Manage Motley’s social media accounts and make smart advertising investments

You should be able to develop a vision for our marketing and brand and how they contribute to our growth and success. You should also have a proactive, “investigative” mindset as you’ll need to dig deep into what makes us great and make sure that both the most interesting customers and the best talent get the message. Experience in a similar role is a must. PR and media know-how is a plus.

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At Motley, we make the uncomfortable but necessary changes. We don’t always do what the customer asks – we’d rather do what they need in order to succeed.

It’s in our heritage. The Motley is the outfit of the court jester, the only one who’s an outsider in the royal court of kings and queens. When the jester is wearing the motley, he’s allowed to speak his mind – without fear of losing his head.

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