Business Strategist

We are looking for a Business Strategist to join our growing team of analytical, creative, and strategic thinkers.

In this role, you’ll be part of a team that defines future direction and strategies of change for our clients, and design offerings and build businesses that take our clients towards their vision. This includes creating a holistic understanding of the client’s current business and the future they should aim for. As a Business Strategist, you will have a vital role in these projects alongside with our insight, design (service, concept, EX, CX, UX, UI, visual) and tech experts. We are rigorous, creative, and innovative, and we focus on creating real impact.

The work consists of:

  • Building holistic understanding of our clients’ business and creating visions, roadmaps, new services, and development activities based on that understanding
  • Researching and crystallizing future markets through market research, benchmarking, trend analysis, and competitor analysis
  • Innovating around different business models, making sure that new services or products make sense from a business perspective and bring long-term positive change
  • Interacting with different stakeholders to understand client companies’ current state from leadership style to financial situation
  • Creating new business for Motley by meeting potential and current clients and planning together with them how we can create something valuable

What we expect: 

  • Experience in a similar role and confidence in leading and delivering projects from start to finish
  • Insights and experience in common topics in business development, like the use of data, sustainability and customer-centric business development, e-commerce, and digital channels.
  • Experience from working in multidisciplinary teams with great respect to experts from different backgrounds.
  • Analytical skills combined with creative problem-solving skills. You can see the big picture and its impact on business. You have a vision and the ability to inspire. You feel at home in both lean and designer working cultures.
  • You master business models, productization, and defining the financial potential of ideas.
  • Fluency in both English and Finnish.

What we offer:

  • Versatile and strategic projects.
  • Transparent and truly multidisciplinary work environment.
  • A community that values professionalism, curiosity, holistic wellbeing, transparency, and diversity.
  • Opportunity for professional growth.
  • Flexibility in different life situations.
  • The work is mostly located in the capital city area of Helsinki. At the moment most of us work remotely but will most probably adopt a hybrid working mode (when regulations allow) consisting of live workshops and meetings, working at our own office and remotely from the location of your preference.
  • Perks and delights like weekly yoga, comprehensive health care services, Friday bingo, and office space in a grand and central location.

”Starting my Motley journey during the era of pandemic and remote working worried me a bit, naturally. Luckily Motley’s onboarding process is very well-planned and my coworkers’ attitude has been amazing: we’ve had remote coffee sessions and lunches together and everybody are happy to help with anything. I easily got started with projects and I feel like I’m part of the team even though I started only a while back.”
– Kaisa, Concept Designer, your future Motley colleague.

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Vesa Valonen
Vice President & Strategist, Motley
+358 40 1426342

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