The heart of the kitchen


The heart of the kitchen

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A brand identity to reflect class and quality, traits that Restalaite has built its reputation on over three decades.

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Heart of the kitchen

Restalaite has developed a solid market position by designing and equipping leading professional kitchens. Though the company is very much in the business of designing and creating experiences, it had never put much thought into its own brand. It was therefore natural for us to begin planning a new brand with an experiential spirit, creating something that merges aesthetics with functionality.

Beyond the counter

Given its position, investing in a new identity presented an opportunity to go bold and do something the industry is not used to. Something warm and fun, bringing the brand closer to the consumer world of approachable, distinct visual expressions.

Restalaite posters.
Restalaite business cards.

Contemporary and classic ingredients

As customers primarily come into contact with Restalaite through its website, we set out to translate the already distinct identity into a unique UI. The earthy colour palette and classy typeface come together to give the brand a lively and dynamic feel.

Screen captures from the Restalaite website.

Not to be forgotten

From the very outset of the project, the joint aim with our client was to bring the brand closer to its core target groups. Like a restaurant owner or chef who aims to provide customers with a memorable experience, so too does the new look Restalaite.

Restalaite identity elements.
Restalaite identity elements.


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