Work matters.
But you matter more.

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We are joining forces with Vincit

We are merging with Vincit during summer 2022. Head over to to see all the open opportunities at our new homebase, which was ranked as the #1 place to work in Finland in 2022!

we believe in

Diversity illustration


Diversity creates a richer company. The vast variety of backgrounds and interests at Motley all enhance our community. Diversity needs respect, open-mindedness, and an interest in others.

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Curiosity drives us to pursue new and better. We strive to innovate, to disrupt, to stay hungry, stay foolish. Curiosity needs an open mind, courage, and a willingness to go into the unknown.

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Transparency creates knowledge, allows us to benefit from each others experiences, and builds trust. We do, show, and tell. Transparency needs honesty and is a sign of equality.

Our story

For a long time, we have stated “tomorrow will be different”. And indeed, tomorrow will be different from now on and until eternity.

But the world isn’t changing randomly. It is changing because of decisions, actions, and words spoken out loud by people.

Our message to ourselves, our clients, and our friends is the following; be the change. Think, speak, act. Do what you can. That’s the least, and also all we can do.

Our story